Ruth Stubbs talks about becoming a reluctant crusader against Warren Jeffs

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PHOENIX -- A lot of people had a hand in bringing pedophile prophet and FLDS leader Warren Jeffs to justice, but the truth is no one played an earlier or more significant role in starting Jeffs on the path to a Texas prison than a brave young woman named Ruth Stubbs.

"I just thank God I got out when I did," Stubbs said with a laugh and a smile. "There is so much drama out there," she says as she shakes her head and motions in the direction of her home town, the twin border communities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Ariz.

It has been 10 years since the now 29-year-old mother fled with her three children from a forced polygamous marriage in the FLDS-controlled enclave.

"People are getting kicked out every other day -- kids, parents, families getting ripped apart," she said. "I'm grateful for where I'm at."

Where Stubbs is today is a far cry from where she was a decade ago. We first interview Stubbs 10 years ago this month as she was fleeing her arranged, illegal polygamous marriage to a sworn Colorado City police officer named Rodney Holm.

It was a story that touched-off a firestorm and changed the course of history. Her journey has been a difficult and courageous one.