Frybread mockumentary spotlights Native American culture

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

MESA, Ariz. -- It's a staple of the Native American diet, but now frybread is the subject of a feature-length mockumentary premiering Friday.

"More than Frybread" is the brainchild of Mesa filmmaker Travis Holt Hamilton.

The movie follows members of twenty-different Native American tribes as they seek to compete in the made-up "Worldwide Fry Bread Association" competition in Flagstaff.

Hamilton, who has made four other films about Native Americans, says he got the idea for the mockumentary after spending time living on a reservation as a missionary.

"Numerous people have made frybread, everyone claiming their bread is the best," he explained. "So we thought, let's kind of play that up and have a competition that these tribes are competing for the championship title."

The film features all Native American actors from tribes in Arizona and New Mexico.

Camille Nighthorse of the Hualapai tribe of Northwestern Arizona plays one of the lead roles.

"I think people will go away having a better view of the Native Americans, that , you know, they are funny," said Nighthorse.

The film premieres Friday, Feb. 3 at Wild Horse Pass Casino on the Gila River Indian Reservation.

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