Valley companies fix shattered iPhone screens

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

TEMPE, Ariz.-- The iPhone's glass screen may belong to one of the best smartphones ever made, but drop it the wrong way - and it's done for.

One study says 4 in 10 iPhone owners continue using the phone with a cracked screen.

The reason - the phone still works and it costs more than $100 to repair.

"I've had it for a month, broke it the second day. Broke it, dropping it off my lap, getting out of my truck," said Carl Ikegami whose back glass assembly on his iPhone 4 was shattered. "I've broken twelve iPhones."

Kate Armstrong has only owned one iPhone, the glass front splintering, after about a year.

"I let my friend hold my phone to take a picture and they dropped it. The problem is the little chunks of glass that come off on your fingers when you touch it."

Ikegami taped the back of his phone to prevent shards of glass getting loose.

That's one fix.

Apple says it will usually charge you for a brand new phone if you break the front glass assembly on the iPhone 4 -- about $150 to $200 dollars -- even if you have a warranty. The company charges just under $30 for the back glass.

It's no wonder a number of smartphone screen repair companies have been popping up all over the Valley, including a company called UBREAKIFIX, in Tempe.

The store can fix a range of different smartphone models - but Apple's iPhone still ranks #1.

"50 to 75 percent of the repairs that we do company-wide are iPhones," said Robert Viator, a store employee.

"To fix the iPhone 4, the front and the back, it's $129.99 if you're just replacing the front, it's $99.99 if you're replacing just the back it's $39.99."


It's a price some customers are willing to pay, but they're hoping to only have to do it once.