Thief stuffs spiders into pants

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- A thief stole tarantulas and other spiders from a Tempe store by stuffing them into his pants right in front of surveillance cameras.

A frequent customer is accused of stealing the spiders from Reptiles & Reefs near University and McClintock drives.

Surveillance video shows Adam Hartmann as he calmly walks over to a shelf holding baby spiders, picks up their tubs and stuffs them in his pockets.

Store owner Jared Ohsman said Hartmann stole several spiders worth hundreds of dollars from the shop and even filled out a job application.

Hartmann was cited for misdemeanor theft by Tempe detectives while in custody for unrelated charges in Scottsdale.

This wasn't the first time a theft like this has happened in the Valley.

Last August, Eric Fiegel, 22, was arrested for stealing snakes from a Mesa pet store. He was caught on tape stuffing snakes into his pants.

Police said he wanted to sell them for a profit.