Family of slain Border Agent Terry files $25 mil claim against ATF

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PHOENIX -- The family of slain U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry has filed a $25 million  notice of claim against the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, citing the agency's failed "Operation Fast and Furious."

According to the claim, obtained by 3TV, "The murder of Agent Terry and other acts of violent crimes were the natural consequences of ATF's decision to let dangerous weapons...'walk' into the hands of violent drug-trafficking gangs."

Operation Fast and Furious was created as a way for ATF agents to trace guns from U.S. stores to the architects of the Mexican drug cartels.

Ultimately agents lost tracks of thousands of guns.

The 65-page notice of claim is interspersed with baby pictures, career highlights, and even letters that Terry wrote to his mother while he was in the marines.

Attorney Lincoln Combs says its all an attempt to paint a clear picture of the man murdered by armed bandits in the Southern Arizona Desert back in December of 2010.

Attorneys for the family also filed a lawsuit against Glendale gun store Lone Wolf Trading.

Two guns sold at Lone Wolf to straw buyers were recovered at Terry's murder scene.

The lawsuit alleges store owner Andre Howard made hundreds of thousands in dollars of profits from the sale of guns to known straw buyers.

ATF has six months to respond to the notice of claim and decide whether they wish to settle. If the government takes no action the Terry family will file an official lawsuit.