Police relase new details in Paradise Valley double murder

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- Paradise Valley Police say two people found dead inside of a burning home were murdered.

Investigators still have not positively identified the bodies but the children of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro, the owners of the home, say their parents are the victims and that they are working with police to find whoever is responsible for their deaths.

Investigators did release new details about this case today but a lot of questions remain. 

Paradise Valley police are working with other local and federal agencies trying to get to solve this case.

"I loved them they were wonderful people," said Deanne McJunkin who has been friends with Glenna Shapiro some 60 years. 

She says she can't believe she her friends are now the victims of a murder mystery. 

"I'm thinking it had to be a hate crime. But nobody hated them. I couldn't imagine.

"Paradise Valley police have classified this as a homicide and arson investigation but have no motive or suspect in the case. The crime scene investigation revealed both victims were found in the master bedroom and had been bound," said Police Chief John Bennett. 

"It appears the fire was started in 2 areas of the home including the master bedroom and a second bedroom."

The bodies were discovered Monday morning after Phoenix police found a vehicle registered to Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro on fire some 20 miles away.

Police have yet to determine if anything was stolen besides the car but are following up on several leads and hoping forensic evidence will lead them to the killer or killers.

"We always look at other cases in the surrounding area to see if there is any relationship to our case," said the Chief Bennett.

It's been 8 years since Paradise Valley had a murder so the community, while curious, is being extra cautious.

"I already called people living in the area I said you know we're all older I said well you better be careful until they can figure this out," said McJunkin.

The police chief says the reality is, "This particular crime is a heinous crime and it can happen anywhere. Without a motive or any understanding of why this prominent and very philanthropic couple was killed people need to be aware. Take all precautions for your personal safety and the safety of your home."

The family has set up a blog in honor of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro where there are all sorts of wonderful pictures and memories posted along with information on the family foundation.

There is a $5,000 reward being offered by silent witness in this case. Of course if you know anything you are urged to call police.