Duck breast with a sweet orange sauce

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Ingredients for 4 persons

- 4 duck breast 7/8 oz
- ¼ cup of vinegar
- 6 oranges or ¼ cup of pure orange juice
- 1 orange for the decoration
- ½ cup of sugar

Recipe :

Orange sauce
Melt the sugar with vinegar then add orange juice, boil for five minutes. During this time peel
some orange rind and put them in a little pot with water and sugar( simple syrup), to make a
confit .
Add half of the orange rind to the orange sauce, and thicken the sauce with the roux .finish the
sauce with salt and pepper.

Cook the duck breast:
Remove the fat surplus of the duck breast, and with a knife, cut the duck skin in cross ruling
shape .In a very hot pan, sauté the breast on the skin side and then meat side. cover up the
pan with a lid and cook it for five to 8 minutes. sliced the breast and butterfly on the plates.
Glazed with the orange sauce .