Ritual animal slaughter leaves neighbors outraged

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SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz -- In this quiet Pinal County community the ear picks up every little noise.

“The goats are yelling and the chickens are squawking,” said Melissa Wiley.

Wiley isn't happy about the new noises in her rural San Tan Valley neighborhood.

“My kids are looking at that. They're looking at a dead animals with its guts hanging out while their skinning it,” said Wiley.

Within earshot of Wiley's property, religious ceremonies take place on a private lot on the weekend.

“The hooks are where they put the dead goats on,” said Wiley.

The mother has covered her windows to block her children’s view outside.

“They can't play outside, they can't ride their bikes, they can't do what they want to do, it's not fair,” said Wiley.

Another neighbor who didn’t want to share her name is also upset about the animal killings.

“If it's religious they should have it enclosed where other people don't have to watch it,” said the neighbor.

Angry families called the sheriff's office complaining about the ceremonies.

“It's called Zabiha. It's not just a Muslim tradition but described in the Koran.  When you butcher meat it has to be done in a certain way so it's cleansed and pure,” said Pinal County Chief Deputy Steve Henry.

Henry said the practice isn't illegal.

“As offensive as it is, we would hope people are tolerant,” said Henry.

The property owner, Marco, didn't want to talk to on camera.

Marco told us off camera he rents the land to a group of men.

“Why can't they do it on their own property? Why do it here? Why can't they do it on their own house?” asked Wiley.

The owner also said if the neighbors want the group to leave then they can get together and pay rent for the property.