Friends grieve Paradise Valley couple found dead in their home

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- You'll be hard pressed to find people with anything bad to say about Glenna and Larry Shapiro - known for giving their time and resources to who and what they loved.

For Glenna, that included Arizona Opera.She served on the board for 15 years.

Director Scott Altman knows their kindness. He saw it in action Sunday afternoon at a performance of "Madam Butterfly" in what turned out to be the last few hours of their lives.

"I can't imagine that if there ever was to be any maliciousness, that it would be directed toward these individuals," Altman said.

Investigators say Glenna and Larry burned in their own home sometime between that show and late Monday morning.

Details are scarce. According to police, whoever set the fire then likely stole their car, which was discovered on fire 17 miles away near Seventh Street and Union Hills in the back of a Goodwill parking lot.

For friends, the violence is hard to reconcile with how the Shapiro's lived their lives.

"Marvelous sense of humor and generosity of heart that is unmatched," said friend Katherine Watson.

That giving nature is what friends believe should be the couple's lasting legacy.

"Their love of life certainly came through and I think that's how they absolutely wish to be remembered," Altman. said.

Autopsies on the couple will be completed in the next few days. Investigators hope to release more information after that.