Tools to manage cardiovascular health

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PHOENIX -- Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. While prevention is key, a state-of-the-art medical device is keeping doctors ahead of the game by uncovering potential problems right in their own offices.

“We all go through stress in life,” Lois Esler explained. “Stress is our biggest factor, no question.”

And Esler should know. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure and has no choice but to keep tabs on her heart.

“We we're going over things and she [Dr. Susan Wilder] said, 'You know, I want to try something; I think this is going to help,'” Esler said.

Wilder is with Lifescape Premier. She’s helping Esler manage her blood pressure with a device called the BioZ. It’s a monitoring system that evaluates patients' cardiovascular health right in the doctor’s office.

“It's very easy and in moments gives us great assessment of all those aspects of heart function,” Wilder said. “It helps us to take a patient, who may have shortness of breath, and be able to tell, if that's really from a heart source or is it from some other cause.”

The BioZ test results have helped many people like Esler.

“I have several patients when the medications they were on were controlling their blood pressure in absolutely the wrong way,” Wilder said. “It was worsening their heart output. Their ability to profuse their organs, brain, kidneys, that kind of thing.

“Now we've been able to change their medication around and get them to a healthier state," she continued.

“With the medication change that she has changed me to, I've been a lot better than I was,” Esler said.

It’s a scenario that Wilder likes to see with all of her patients.

“I'm always looking for tools that are helping us get to the root of the cause of why people are at the health level they are and to be able to change that course,” Wilder said. “I don't want to manage chronic diseases; I want to fix it.”

The BioZ test is inexpensive and covered by some insurance companies.