Brave coyotes invading one Valley neighborhood

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Some coyotes have made their home in one Phoenix neighborhood, and they aren't shy - trotting around in the middle of the day, according to neighbors.

Residents of the area near 32nd Street and Campbell Avenue have seen a number of coyotes, almost on a daily basis.

"In the last two months, I've seen five [coyotes]," said Ron Cheuvront, who has lived in the neighborhood for 50 years.

And until a few years ago, he hadn't spotted any.

The nice weather and mating season draw the animals out, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department says it has received an increase in calls.

"The reality is no matter where you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, with really the only exception of downtown Phoenix, we're getting coyote calls," Darren Julian said.

The coyotes are ultimately looking for food: birds, rabbits, roof rats, and citrus. But they will also eat dog and cat food left outside, as well as small dogs and cats.

Julian doesn't think food is intentionally being left out, but says there must be some in the area for a number of coyotes to roam here.

If residents don't try and scare them away, the coyotes will stick around.

"Don't just let that coyote stroll down your neighborhood," he said. "the more often these animals are around people or in these communities without negative consequences, the more comfortable they feel. Do what you can to chase them off. Make them run away, be aggressive towards them."