TUSD punishing students who walkout in protest of ethnic studies ban

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson Unified School District is cracking down on students walking out to protest the ethnic studies ban.

According to a press release the district disciplined students who left school grounds without permission on four different occasions.

One Pueblo junior was suspended from school for several days for his participation in a march that started at his school and ended at the district building.

"It was originally supposed to be five until I got it lifted so I only had three days of out of school suspension.  We're not going to walk out every single day, but we are going to walk out for one day to show that we actually want our education to be valid, that Chicano studies should be a higher education," said Mexican American Studies student Juan Daniel-Barragan.

TUSD didn't return our calls, but according to the press release discipline ranged from in-school suspension to out-of-school suspension.