White House Hispanic Community Action Summit comes to Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The economy, education and health care are all topics that affect the Hispanic community in the U.S. and in Tucson.  Monday, ten representatives from the White House and cabinet agencies met to get Southern Arizona's insight on those issues and more.

"To be able to see how all of these areas that are affecting them to work with them closely and how they can do some follow up with us to solve these very important issues," said Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Education Jose Rico.

The summit was brought to Tucson by Congressman Raul Grijalva and Sunnyside Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo.

"We are very appreciative through the white house initiative to be here to discuss these very difficult vexing and controversial issues, it shows us a lot that there not running away from these issues," said Representative Grijalva.

To discuss the various topics, there were smaller groups broken down into classrooms.  The biggest group was immigration and education issues which was held in the library.

There were community activists, teachers and students getting in on the discussion.

"I want everyone to put their money where there mouth is and actually do the things that they say they're going to do.  We're working on immigration laws today, like you have seen.  I want things to actually be done not just talked about," said Carlos Cardova.

Carlos Cardova is a senior at Sunnyside.   He's hoping the White House representatives get the message and then take action.  The ten officials say they're listening.

"We're able to go back back to Washington D.C., share the local issues and then do follow with the leaders that raise those issues.  I think that's the unique part of this," Rico said.

This is the second year of the White House Hispanic Community Action Summit.  The next stop on the tour is Tampa, Florida.