State Senator Antenori officially announces run for Giffords' seat

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The race for District 8 is officially on.   It's been just two days since congresswoman Giffords stepped down, but Friday State Senator frank Antenori, a republican, announced he's in it to win it.

"Today I am formally announcing that I'm a candidate in the special election for Congressional District 8 and 110% going for Congressional District 2 in November," District 30 State Senator Frank Antenori.  "You need someone who has the ability to hit the ground running and move fast and assume the role of leadership I have demonstrated that leadership."

Antenori says he knows it's going to be a challenge to win a Special Election in April and seven months later win the General Election for District 2.

"This is an unprecedented situation running for two congressional at the same time.  It is going to be tiring. It's going to be tough. I'm there and I'm going to fight," said Antenori.

The fight for the democrats will also be tough.  No one has officially come forward and announced they would run, but there's some speculation out there.

"There are at least 5 or 6 possibilities out there.  I think a lot of people are waiting to see what Giffords does," said Jeff Rogers of the Pima County Democrat Party.

Jeff Rogers the head of the Pima County Democrat Party, feels that maybe Gabby will appoint someone to finish out her term.  That way a serious candidate can focus on the November elections.

"What if Giffords said, I like Ron Barber.  I like Mark Kimble or Pam Simon or somebody like that from her office to finish out her term.  That might be the ideal circumstance," said Rogers.

Friday the Governor announced the primary election is scheduled for April 17 and the general election for district eight is set for June 12.  Candidates have 30 days to submit petitions.