Parrom expected to miss rest of season with broken foot

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- What has already been a trying year for kevin parrom took another cruel twist.

Parrom broke a bone in his right foot and is expected to miss the remainder of the season.

Kevin lost time his freshman year with a stress fracture in his left foot.   And was out at the beginnng of this year after being shot in the leg on a trip home to visit his dying mother.

"Life's not fair sometimes. but from his perspective it would be nice if he could just catch a break. it's a shame because kevin right now is a starter. he is. would have probably been a starter from the first day of the season until now," said Coach Sean Miller.

"He's just another force.  Especially when me, him and Jesse play.  That's one of our biggest lineups. For him to go down, that's a big part of our team.  It kind of sucked early on in the season to not have him," said Solomon Hill.  "Just the way he's been playing lately, it's suppose to be his breakout time and just to see him go down like that, it really took a toll on our team.  We saw it, saw it happen."