Cigna agrees to pay boy's dental bill

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Josh Norton's bike actually looks pretty good considering what happened back in June.

A car travelling almost 50 miles an hour hit Josh as he was going to a friend's house, causing him to bounce off the windshield like a rubber ball.

His mom, Jolene, said the injuries were severe.

"He ended up with nine staples to the back of the head, he had a fractured jaw, and broken molars in the back,” Jolene said. “I think three or four of them, and then a hole in his chin."

Josh racked up a $40,000 hospital bill, but Jolene said her insurance company, Cigna, told her not to worry about the bills.

"Since it was an accident, they told me I'd be covered 100 percent, no deductibles, no nothing," Jolene said.

Josh healed just fine and Cigna paid the hospital bill.

When it came to getting his cracked teeth fixed by a dentist; however, Cigna was not going to pay the $2,000 dental bill.
"So, I called them on numerous occasions and said, 'Look, I keep getting this paperwork from my dentist saying my claims have been denied and I need some help,’” Jolene explained.

Jolene said there were all kinds of problems: Josh wasn't in the system, paperwork was filled out wrong, and the dentist they saw was “out of network.”
"No one could tell me an exact answer on why it was getting denied," she said.

3 On Your Side got involved, and Cigna looked into the matter right away.

As a result, Jolene said she received a phone call from Cigna telling her they reviewed the matter and would pay Josh's dental bill in full.

Jolene saidshe's relieved. As for Josh, he is back to being a 14-year-old kid again. 

He doesn't think he'll ever ride a bike again.

"I'm not super scared, but I don't really like riding bikes anymore,” he said.