Data Doc: Facebook Timeline is no reason for panic, angst

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PHOENIX -- Facebook Timeline is coming and there's no stopping it. Up until it has been a choice for Facebook users, but in the next few weeks Facebook will switch everybody over to Timeline and that has some people concerned.

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors sat down with Scott Pasmore and explained why there's no reason to panic over Timeline.

"People are really freaking out over this change," Colburn said. "If you think about it, every time Facebook makes a change, people just go nuts."

Once you get the notification that you'll be using Timeline, you have seven days to tweak your profile and "get your house in order."

"People are somehow freaked out about stuff that's already out there becoming available again," Colburn said. "If you're posting things on Facebook that you're not proud of, that has nothing to do with Facebook's Timeline."

Colburn demonstrated many of the new controls that have been added to help you manage who sees your content.

"You can take and hide anything you want [with a click of the mouse]," he said. "You can edit anything that's on the Timeline."

One thing to watch out for, Colburn said, is the scams that are sure to follow on Timeline's heels. There's no way to "opt out" of Timeline so don't fall for links that promise to undo it.

"If you see those scams, don't click on the link and don't share that," he said.

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