#1 Arizona swim men at final home meet against #2 Texas without top events

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- What if Sean Miller had to play Saturday's game without his three best players?  Arizona might have a tough time winning.

Well that is what Wildcat Swim Coach Eric Hansen has essentially done for his team's meet this weekend with 2nd ranked Texas.

The dual will not include the 'Cats top three swimming events, the breaststroke, backstroke and fly at 100 meters.

It's a new era at the Hillenbrand Aquatics Center.

The legendary Frank Busch is gone but Hansen and his more scientific approach has the men's team #1 in the country and the ladies ranked 9th.

But how do you beat the powerful longhorns without your three main events?

"We're just going to have to make a statement in the 200s I guess.  Let em know that we're still the best in the strokes," said Arizona swimmer Carl Mickleson.

"Win or lose doesn't really matter to us, but I mean, obviously we want to keep our undefeated season going.  I think we have more than enough talent on this team and more than enough drive to make sure that we win this weekend," said Arizona swimmer Austen Thompson.

'Cats and 'Horns Saturday at 11 A.M.

This is the final home meet of the season so get out and honor Arizona's 14 departing seniors.