Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney - 'The Grey' is more than meets the eye

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PHOENIX -- "The Grey" is about a groups of men trying to survive the wilds of the Alaskan tundra after a plane crash. In order to make the movie feel as real as possible, the director decided to shoot in the freezing temperatures of Canada.

According to star Liam Neeson, who said he was "kind of used to it," having grown up in Northern Ireland, it was so cold some of the cameras started to freeze.

"The first day was intense," he explained to "Good Morning! Arizona" producer Lisa Fuller Magee. "It was minus 40 degrees -- miserable. Just miserable. I thought, 'We're never going to finished this film.

"Audiences nowadays are sophisticated. They know CGI when they see it," he continued. "We all do. ... It's a great tool, but you can't beat reality. You just can't."

But there's more to "The Grey" than simply surviving. There are underlying themes that sneak up on the audience.

"If this movie caused you to wonder what it all means, that's what we were after," said actor Dermot Mulroney. "We wanted to make a movie this exciting that has some existential quality that you can't really put your finger on."

"There is certainly a very, very strong spiritual element in it -- to it." Neeson said, picking up the thread.

Dallas Roberts and Frank Grillo also star.

"The Grey" is rated R and is in theaters now.