Tucson launches mobile site for 2012 gem show

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Saturday, thousands of visitors will descend on Tucson for the start of the 2012 Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase.

The show seems to grow each year and with that more pressure is on the city to put on a good show for vendors and visitors.

The city is pulling out all the stops to make it a success.

Gem show vendors are still setting up their space for the big rush in two days.

"A lot of dealers work very hard in getting more people here every year we have we've been doing it for a long time but we have about I would say about a 10% increase a year," said Jay Gehring with Village Originals.

This means people filling hotels and looking for parking spaces to get to the shows.

Last year it was a little difficult because of construction and lack of resources for information.

This year the City of Tucson will use technology to make things a bit easier.

"We established a 24 hour hotline and we're going to staff starting tomorrow.  We're also going to have mobile applications that are available for people cell phones for when they are here to be able to get to our website," said Asst. Chief John Leavitt with the Tucson Police Department.

The City of Tucson is also working on adding additional parking on the west side close by the Cushing Street bridge.

The city knows that the show is a big part of the economy and some changes needed to be made.

"There will be a $76.5 million of local economy generated, which generates close to $6 million of state and local tax revenue," said Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

Despite the few obstacles, vendors are very excited about the progress the city has made for the show.

"I think your city management and your mayor they are taking a personal interest to make sure things get done and they get done fast and get done right," said vendor Aisha Jan from Rocksaholics.

Get more gem show information at visittucson.org.