Sam Worthington is the "Man on a Ledge"

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PHOENIX -- With the new movie "Man on a Ledge," the title says it all. It's about a man on a ledge. Sam Worthington is the man out on that ledge.

"You read it, you get caught up in it," Worthington said of the script.

Shooting Worthington, who spends the entire movie on ledge on the side of a building, took some creativity and more than a little planning.

"We didn't know how much we could do out there," he said. "The more energetic I got on that ledge, the more energetic the camera guys could get, which is to their credit. They did a great job."

If a man on a ledge sounds potentially boring, think again. It's anything but.

"I feel like a lot of movies now, they either have suspense and no thrill, or thrill and no suspense,"said Worthington's co-star Anthony Mackie ("Hurt Locker," "Million Dollar Baby," "We Are Marshall"). "I think this is one of those old-school movies where you get both."

Edward Burns and Elizabeth Banks also star.

"Man on a Ledge" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters now.

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