Deceased Chandler man is suspect in his mother's death

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Beverly Finney By Jennifer Thomas Beverly Finney By Jennifer Thomas

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- The son of a woman who was murdered in her Chandler home is now a suspect in her death.

Police say Beverly Finney, 82, was found with multiple stab wounds to her body on Friday.

The weapon, according to Chandler police, was a "kitchen-style knife" that may have come from the home.

"Once the officers walked in, they knew immediately this was going to be a homicide investigation," Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

Friends of Finney called police after she didn't show up for a get-together.

Police wanted to talk to Finney's son and roommate, 56-year-old Greg Bilton, to see if he was somehow involved -- including whether he may have been a victim.

Bilton was found a day later on Highway 260 near Heber after the Department of Public Safety said he drove into a semi-truck pullout and ran into a tree.

Officials say Bilton was likely speeding and weather was not a factor.

Family members of both the victim and suspect were at the home on Thursday but didn't want to go on camera.

Finney's daughter-in-law, Heidi Bilton -- the wife of Finney's surviving son -- said the suspect was a troubled man.

Before he moved in a year ago, family member's warned Finney it was a bad idea. But, according to Heidi Bilton, because Finney was a good mother, she took him in.

They checked up on the elderly woman several times a week and Heidi Bilton said if there was any indications her brother-in-law was threatening Finney, the victim never let on.

Police say Bilton had been arrested before, in 2000.

Heidi Bilton said he was booked for property damage.