Emotional response to Giffords resignation in her home district

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords handed in her resignation to the House Wednesday morning, tears were shed in Washington D.C. and Congressional District 8, the district she represented in Congress since 2001.

The site of seeing Representative Giffords turning in her resignation at the House was a somber moment for the office staff in Tucson.

"It was very hard to watch.  I watched her resignation statement and all of the remarks that her collages made about her," said District Director Ron Barber.  "I was at home with my wife, we were both crying and couldn't stop.  It was such a moving experience."

It was an experience that turned into a hard reality for Giffords' staff.  At 5 O'clock Wednesday evening the group no longer represented Gabby.  Now it's just the office of Congressional District 8.

"All of the sudden I realized really this is happening.  I really came to the final understanding this is happening and she will no longer be in Congress, at least not now.  That's a very sad moment for our staff," said Barber.

Residents in District 8 are also feeling the loss of their Congresswoman.  Tucson resident Pamela Asbury-Smith said it was hard to watch because she has come so far, yet has so far to go,

"I was busy crying," Asbury-Smith said.

Now that her seat is empty, the question is who's going to fill it?

"It's going to be very difficult because you have to get eight to nine hundred signatures in a very short period of time," said Peter Goudinoff.

Former democratic State Senator Peter Goudinoff calls it a political obstacle course because the candidate will have to win the primary, the special election and then the general election in November.

As of right now there are only rumors and speculation of who maybe running for the seat.

Governor Jan Brewer has until Saturday to schedule a special election for the voters of District 8 to vote on Giffords replacement.