Parents accused of letting sick infant die

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Kristen Torres By Jennifer Thomas Kristen Torres By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- The parents of a 13-month-old boy face charges of second-degree murder after their son died from an illness that caused high fever, vomiting and stomach pains.

Kristen Elizabeth Torres and her husband, Robert, told police that their son had been sick for a couple of days, throwing up and running a fever. After calling the doctor's office, they were advised to take the infant to the emergency room.

Torres told police she asked her husband to take them to the hospital, but he said he was too tired. She also said she couldn't take the infant to the emergency room because she had high blood pressure.

An autopsy concluded that the baby died of acute peritonitis, which causes the lining of the stomach and other internal organs to get inflamed.

Pediatric specialists said if the infant had received medical attention, he would have lived.