3 On Your Side confronts pet sitter accused of neglect

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Amanda Turner, who owns Amanda's Pet-Sitting, wanted nothing to do with 3 On Your Side when we finally caught up with her.

We wanted answers, and so do John Reynolds and Joanna O'Neal. They hired Turner to watch their dogs while they were out of town over the holidays.

But when the couple returned, one dog was dead and the other was hurt so badly he had to be put down.

“It was a bloodbath back here,” O'Neal said.

The couple maintains Turner didn't stay overnight at their home like she was paid to do.

Instead, they say she locked the dogs outside overnight, leaving them no place to run when a bobcat jumped over their backyard wall and attacked them.

“There's a track that's still in the mud there,” Reynolds said.

Turner claims she was at the home but somehow slept through the attack. O'Neal doesn't believe her.

“There's just no way it went down the way she said it went down,” O'Neal said.

Since 3 On Your Side first brought you their story two weeks ago, nearly a half dozen other people stepped forward with similar complaints.

One was from Lora Sanders, who says she hired Turner to watch her cat in 2008.

“I had all of the instructions written out explicitly,” she remembered. “The most important thing was to give this cat fresh water.”

But when Sanders returned home from the three-day trip, she says it was obvious Turner hadn't been there. She says the litter box was full and despite those specific instructions to leave fresh water, there wasn't a drop left in her cat's bowl.

“He was lively and in very good health when I left him on Thursday, and when I returned on Saturday, he was a sick cat,” she said.

Sanders said her cat's health deteriorated, and within two weeks he had to be put down. She says she put the issue behind her, but then saw 3 On Your Side's story involving Reynolds and O'Neal.

“I just had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and when I saw the report I knew immediately that it was going to be about Amanda Turner," Sanders said. "When I heard her name, I was angry. I was very upset for these people and I was very pleased that you were doing the story and that hopefully there would be some way to put an end to the woman operating this business.”

3 On Your Side tried several times contacting Turner over the phone, but she never called us back. We finally caught up with her outside a Phoenix home.

“You never called us back,” a 3 On Your Side producer said.

While she did give us a big grin, Turner wouldn't talk to us when we asked why so many pet owners were complaining.

“We wanted to chat with you a little bit more about complaints we received since our story aired,” our producer said.

“Nope, not at all,” Turner said, putting her hand over her face.

“Why are these people complaining that you neglected their pets?” our producer asked.

Turner then shut her car door and drove off.

She has since taken down her website, www.AmandasPetsitting.com.

Reynolds and O'Neal have filed a lawsuit in justice court against Turner for more than $500.

We have also confirmed that Turner is under investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.