Southern Arizona girl undergoes revolutionary surgery in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- A young girl from Southern Arizona is recovering well from an operation that could revolutionize surgery.

Doctors recently used a new instrument on her. It was the first time it had been used on a child and the first time it was used in Arizona.

Elise Powell, 3,  has undergone several surgeries for Ganglio Neuroblastoma cancer, but none like the one she had in mid-Janurary.

Doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital used a new tool, known as a Ferromagnetic Wand, to try to cut out the rest of a large tumor that had wrapped itself around Elise's spine.

The wand was developed by Doctor Kim Manwaring at his home, in his garage, in Phoenix.

It's essentially a "bloodless" scalpel that uses an alloy employed by NASA to cauterize as it cuts.

"I wanted to improve the tools we had at PCH, so I would often think about how to do that, and one way was to go home and tinker," said Manwaring.

The FM wand only got FDA clearance a few months ago, so it will be quite some time before we find out whether it will be widely accepted nationwide and worldwide.

It has been used in several surgeries before being tried on Elise, but only on adults.