Obama's visit to Intel campus to focus on job creation and 'insourcing'

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- On the heels of his third State of the Union address, President Barack Obama is on a three-day, five-state tour that will bring him to Chandler for a few hours Wednesday.

Due to arrive at about 3:30 p.m., the president is slated to give a speech at the Intel Ocotillo Campus in Chandler.

One of the main topics of the State of the Union address was job creation, especially in manufacturing. He said the government needs to encourage businesses to "insource" rather that outsource.

The president's remarks at Intel are expected to address the all-important issue of job creation once again.

Intel employs nearly 10,000 people and builds a made-in-America product.

While at the campus, Obama will tour the plant and chat with workers.

The president's trip will take him to states considered crucial to his re-election. In addition to Arizona, his post-State of the Union itinerary includes Iowa, Nevada, Colorado and Michigan.

Arizona, which carries 11 electoral votes, is traditionally a Republican state, but some political experts say changing demographics make it ripe for Democratic picking. Some with the Obama campaign agree.

"If you just close your eyes and don’t say it’s Arizona, and look at the sheer numbers … in our lifetime Arizona is going to be a blue state," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told The Washington Post Opinion Writer Ruth Marcus before the president's trip was announced. "The question is when. We don’t say we’re definitely going to get Arizona to turn blue, but we’re going to take a long and hard look at it.”

The president's visit to Arizona will be a short one. Air Force One is scheduled to take off at about 6:30 p.m.