Phoenix woman uses website to get free breast implants

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PHOENIX -- Latin Vixen, Kristen and Tiger Lilly all have something in common.

“We all want bigger breasts,” said Courtney Guinan, 23.

Guinan is cash strapped and looking to expand her bust line.

“I wanted them to be more proportioned like they were before I had kids,” Guinan said.

The Phoenix mother of two joined the website Last month the nursing student posted photos and a bio online. People can now chat with Guinan and donate for the breasts of her dreams.

“I don't tell them my personal business or post pictures of my kids on there," she said. "I've had a few men say you’re gorgeous and I would love to date you, but they live in South Dakota.”

Guinan’s raised $60.75.

The site gets a 10 percent cut of each donation.

The co-founder of, Jay Moore, said Guinan’s money is kept in a trust.

“Once they reach their goal we pay that money out of their trust to the cosmetic surgeon of their choice,” Moore said.

Guinan wants to reach her $5,000 goal by summer.

Moore said one woman raised all of the money for her breast implants in 13 days.

Moore disagrees with people arguing the site degrades women.

“It's not degrading when it's not encouraged or required to submit these types of photos,” Moore said.

Moore said his website is definitely not a scam and the idea blossomed after helping a friend get bigger breasts six years ago for free.

The co-founder also told 3TV his site has helped more than 800 women do the same.

“This sort of online contribution model has been around before our time. Even banks are using them,” Moore said.

One testimonial said, "Thank you to all the men who gave me their hard earned money."

Guinan knows people will judge her choices and said it's not their problem.

“At the end of the day I'm pleasing myself not anybody else," Guinan said.

 A spokesperson from Arizona’s Better Business Bureau could not find any record of the site online.