Potential candidates for Giffords' seat begin to emerge

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- With Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords stepping down this week, people looking to fill her spot in Congress are scrambling to get their deadlines straight in what will be a very confusing and rapid series of elections.

"I think its time for us all to rally as democrats around one candidate who can really win and represent us," said Tim Sultan from Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Monday members of the Democrats of Greater Tucson touched on the future of Southern Arizona as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords prepares to resign.

"If we can just encourage business investment and grow some good jobs so we have careers for people who were born and raised here I think we're going to have a great future," Sultan said.

Program chair Tim Sultan says unemployment should be a key issue for any campaign, maybe even his.

"I've been called several times of course because I ran for the seat in 2004, two years before Gabby did.  Obviously, I'm considering it too," Sultan said.

With a special election planned for June and a general election in November, Money is going to be a major factor for candidates and the county.

"For my portion it's going to be about $650,000, so for the county I imagine it will be over a million dollars," said F. Ann Rodriguez.

Pima County Recorder F Ann Rodriguez says her office is beefing up its staff and working on a game plan for this costly and unexpected special election.

"We'll probably be merging multiple precincts into one location to cut down some of the costs," Rodriguez said.

Considering the funding factor, one republican is taking a close look at his potential to run.

"Whether I'm ready or not I'm going to find out pretty quick," said Dave Sitton.

Sports commentator Dave Sitton has launched an exploratory committee.

"Both parties realize that there is a void of leadership and having studied the constitution, I don't consider myself an expert, but I am devoted to the constitution of the United States of America," Sitton said.

The Pima County Democratic Party will be leaning on Giffords to suggest a candidate to take her seat, while possible republican candidate state Senator Frank Antenori says he will not comment on his efforts to run until the congresswoman formally resigns.