Ethnic studies: Students walkout; Legal battle continues

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Another school week, another walkout for TUSD students.

About 400 walked from Pueblo, Cholla, Tucson High and Wakefield Schools.

Their destination, TUSD headquarters.

It's part of a peaceful protest against the governing board's decision to ax the Mexican-American Studies program.

"You're protesting in a way that I think is appropriate and I think that you need to make sure that we, on the governing board, hear you," said TUSD governing board member Adelita Grijalva.

"2281 is unconstitutional. It targets only one group, Mexican-Americans. It targets only one program, Mexican-American studies. All of the other ethnic programs, according to Huppenthal and Horne, are fine, and, again, we have a problem with that," said Mexican-American Studies advisory board member Raul Aguirre.

This is not the first student walkout in support of ethnic studies.

On January 12, about 200 Cholla High School students walked out in support of the program.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- Meanwhile the legal battle to re-instate Mexican-American studies in TUSD schools continues.

Monday, Richard Martinez, the attorney for "Save Ethnic Studies," says he's waiting for the judge to rule on whether he can add another student to his list of plaintiffs.

Martinez also fired back at TUSD claims that Shakespeare's The Tempest was not banned.

"The Tempest has themes that are about slavery and about conquest and that was part of his curriculum," said attorney for Save Ethnic Studies Richard Martinez.  "He was told specifically by site administrators that he could not teach that unit."

Last week TUSD issued a list of books that were removed from classrooms, The Tempest was not on that list.