Giffords finishes "Congress on Your Corner" event

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made her final trip to the Old Pueblo as a member of Congress Monday.

She had a busy day, making several stops around town.

Her first stop Monday morning was a private meeting at her office where she met with survivors.

A chance to finally wrap up the "Congress on Your Corner" event cut short by bullets one year ago.

Gabby Giffords was doing her job when gunshots cut short her Congress on Your Corner event.

She was never able to finish those conversations, until Monday.

"When you think a year ago she was lying in the ground with a bullet in her head and today she walked in and said hello," said Suzy Hileman.

Survivor Suzy Hileman, who brought 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green to meet her Congresswoman that day, says it was touching to see Gabby again.

Not all the victims were there, but Gabby and her smile were.

Photos provide a snapshot of the scene inside; Gabby hugging the intern who helped keep her alive, listening to the man who took down the gunman.

Hileman says it's impressive how far she's come and she knows this decision was difficult, "It's not easy to give up something that you love.  My heart beaks for her, but she'll be back."

In the meantime, survivors know Tucson and Washington D.C. will not be the same while she's gone.

"She's a person looking to find simiiliarities instead of differences and Washington is a lesser place without Gabbby Giffords," Hileman said.

The Congresswoman also met with community leaders who supported her throughout her career.

That included former Mayor Bob Walkup and Tucson's current Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.