10 Laws of self-defense for parents to teach children

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1. Never, and I mean NEVER, wander off alone. Always ask parents before going anywhere or with anyone not a parent.

2. Always travel with a friend when going to and from school and avoid short cuts.

3. Parents, you don’t want to make your child afraid, but tell them what to do in a dangerous situation. Let them know the world can be a bad place sometimes.

4. Escape. Start by screaming if threatened by someone, scream loudly and then run away. Scream, “You’re not my Mommy,” or “You’re not my Daddy”, very loudly to attract attention. If someone is threatening you from a car, run towards the back of the car.

5. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! You have the tactic of surprise - use it - ATTACK FIRST and FAST. The sooner you attack, the faster you can get away! This is not the time to be defensive.

6. Again use only simple, deadly strikes. This is not a martial arts movie - it’s a real assault - attack to WIN!

7. Make sure your child knows it’s OK to fight against an adult if someone tries to hurt them or threatens them. Children are good at learning this, just make sure to teach them and give them permission to fight back.

8. Never approach a strange vehicle or get into a strange vehicle even if the stranger is offering you candy or other sweets to get in.

9. Explain to your child that the bad guy doesn’t always look like a bad guy, in fact, some try to pass themselves off as trusted figures to gain a child’s trust. Sometimes just saying hello to a child several days in a row can gain their trust. Sometimes they even use a ruse that one of their parents has been hurt to get them to go with them.

10. Make sure you, as parents, know your neighbors, your children’s friends, as well as those children’s parents.

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