Andrew Zimmern: Don't call 'Bizarre Foods America' gross

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PHOENIX -- Andrew Zimmern doesn't like the word "gross," but that's exactly how many, if not most, of us would describe some of the things he has eaten.

Not just a chef, but a "culinary explorer," Zimmern loves trying new things. While he's tried local cuisine from all over the world, he's sticking to the U.S. for the Travel Channel's newest show, "Bizarre Foods America."

"As always, Andrew explores what the locals eat and this season he’ll get a taste of the unique foods and local traditions that can be found in our own backyard," reads the Travel Channel's website. "'Bizarre Foods America' celebrates the out-of-the-ordinary cuisine and characters that are found all across the United States.

Zimmern checked in with 3TV's Yetta Gibson to chat about the upcoming season and explain why he takes exception to the word "gross."

"Bizarre Foods America" with Andrew Zimmern premieres today at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on the Travel Channel. The show moves to its regular time slot on Mondays at 9 p.m. beginning Jan. 30.