Shooting vicim's family reacts to teen's arrest

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PEORIA, Ariz. -- His family says Kenneth Matlock was the kind of guy that probably spent his last few moments trying to calm down his killer.

"He was just a real good guy.  I could see him saying, 'Dude, you don't want to do this; you have your whole life ahead of you,'" said Dawn Koopelmann, Matlock's ex-wife who now lives in Chicago.

Matlock was one of two people killed in the Euphorium Emporium in Peoria Tuesday. A third was injured when police say high-school sophomore Tyson Langley opened fire during a robbery.

"What on God's earth would possess a 15-year-old to do something like this?" Koopelmann asked.

Many are grappling with that question, including Matlock's daughter-in-law, Erika Adams, who stopped by the scene of the crime on Thursday.

"It's just sad, I mean if he really is just 15 or 16, he lost his whole life, in terms of having to go to jail," Adams said.

She said word of Langley's arrest came as a relief, but did little to lesson the grief her family is experiencing.

"We're all very upset. He had three grandchildren; his youngest just turned 1," she said. "That's what he lived for."

Matlock, 60, was a retired elevator mechanic. His ex-wife said he moved to Arizona from Chicago years ago to escape the crime and crowds of city life.

A small memorial is growing outside of the smoke shop, where both relatives and friends of the victims, as well as strangers, have been stopping by to pay their respects.