Gov. Brewer visits Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- For the second time in two weeks, Governor Jan Brewer has taken a trip to Southern Arizona.

Wednesday, she made three stops in Tucson, and during that tour, she talked about a few issues specific to Southern Arizona.

One of the stops Governor Jan Brewer made was at the Bombardier Aerospace Commercial Service Center.

She talked about how proud she was of the 35 year partnership the company has had with Arizona.

Brewer also weighed in on the new redistricting map that was approved by the independent redistricting commission Tuesday.

"I'm a little bit disappointed.  I think that they were kind of a little bit unfair to community interest and I think that's shameful," Brewer said.  "Some of those boundaries are bizarre in my view."

The vote was three to two in favor of the new map.

Last week the Tucson Unified School District board took a vote on the Mexican-American studies program.  The outcome was four to one in favor of getting rid of the program.

The governor feels the TUSD board made the right decision.

"If they hadn't done that they would've lost a tremendous amount of funding of course and I think they need to work towards revamping the kinds of education that it was intended to provide," Brewer said.

Brewer intends to make her budget a top priority for the legislature.

Next week, President Obama is expected to visit Phoenix after his state of the union address.  Governor brewer says she welcomes his visit.

Following her stops in the Tucson area, the governor went back to Phoenix for two speaking engagements there tomorrow.

And on Friday she will give the state of the state address in Prescott.