Two guns, two students, one school district handing out suspensions

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MESA, Ariz. -- Outside of Smith Junior High School in Mesa there's a sign posted. The sign said "No weapons or firearms on campus" and there's no gray about it.

"Back in my day we were safe and now guns is all kids talk about and I think it's scary," Amy Barrios said.

Barrios' teenage daughter goes to the school. Today a 12-year-old boy is missing from the roster. The student was suspended for bringing a gun and knife on campus Wednesday.

"I just think that they need to talk to the kids and tell them it's not right to carry guns at school," Barrios said.

Mesa School District officials sent a letter home to parents Wednesday letting parents know what happened on campus. The letter also asked parents to "remind students all weapons are prohibited on campus and that any inappropriate behavior should be reported immediately to a teacher or trusted adult."

District officials sent 3TV their policy on dangerous and deadly weapons. The statement said, "A student who, after notice and a hearing, is determined to have had a firearm or transported a firearm to campus, shall be expelled by the Governing Board for a period of not less than one year, except that the Governing Board may, on a case-by-case basis provide a lesser disciplinary action after consideration of all relevant circumstances."

Wednesday's gun scare is the second this month in the Mesa School District. Earlier this month an 8-year-old brought his mother's gun to school. The gun accidentally shot off in the school bus. No one was injured. Barrios' daughter said her Social Studies teacher at Smith Junior High reminded her class about the dangers of weapons.

"Never bring it school because you might shoot or cut someone," said the student.