Valley woman holding out hope for cousins missing from Italian cruise ship

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- This week, Joan Lipp is never far from her TV, waiting for word that her cousins Gerry and Barbara Heil are found and that the trip they were so excited to take didn't cost their lives.

"They raised their kids and they helped at the church," Lipp said. "They were just really kind good people."

Devout Catholics, the couple wanted to see Rome. They used their membership at Scottsdale-based International Cruise and Excursions to book their trip.

"Cruising is a very, very safe vacation so of course we were shocked that this happened," said International Cruise and Excursions co-founder Marcia Rowley.

The Heils were just two of many the company booked on The Costa Concordia, but they're the only ones still missing.

"All of our passengers other than Gerald and Barbara are accounted for and arrangements have been made to bring them home," Rowley said.

The Heils' family have made their own trip to Italy to help search.

"His son, daughter and Barbara's sister went over there hoping that would expedite that process," Lipp said. 

The rest have stayed and continue to pray.

"You look at the news and you look at the facts and how the days are going by, and still you don't hear anything but we still have hope," Lipp said. "They loved the Lord and I know that they're with him if they're not with us anymore."