Cheaper items in 2012

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Last week, we told you about some consumer-related items that will be more expensive in 2012. However, I do have good news for you. According to and other websites, some items are expected to decrease in price or remain relatively the same for 2012.

For example: real estate. As you are probably aware, home prices have been flat for awhile, but 2012 is not expected to be better.

Last year, home prices across the nation dropped more than 3 percent. With unemployment the way it is, prices will go down.

Android Tablets are expected to be cheaper because of stiff competition.

A refurbished Apple iPad 2 will go down drastically because of the new iPad 3.

Wine will be cheaper, but not just any wine. Thirty-dollar bottles and up have not sold because of the economy and retailers are expected to clear them off their shelves with cheap prices. 

Car rentals will remain pretty flat with no increases in 2012. More stock and more competition among rental companies will fuel lower prices.

GPS units that sit on your dashboard will be extinct soon because of smartphones. As a result, manufacturers are expected to slash prices to get rid of them.

And finally, HDTVs with 3-D were not a big hit in 2011. In fact, prices dropped around 30 percent just to move them. The same thing is expected in 2012.