Barrett-Jackson: DIY Live Pavilion

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Barrett-Jackson is a place where car enthusiasts can get their fix from classic cars to fast cars. But this year, there's something new. Let's just say you better get ready to get those hands dirty.

Doug Grene is doing something new at Barrett-Jackson this year.

“It's one thing to walk around and look at stuff other people have done, but to be able to come in here and get an actual tactical sense of what is required, it's better than perfect,” Grene said.

Grene is helping rebuild a 1972 El Camino. He and other Barrett-Jackson customers will get the chance at the new D.I.Y. [Do it Yourself] Live Pavilion.

“What we thought is we would bring here to Barrett-Jackson a kind of touchy-feely experience,” Alan Taylor said. “Where people can actually get in and work on cars themselves or work with Rich Evans, who is the star of 'Car Warriors' on Speed Channel, or work with guys from General Motors, where they have to build your own car engine experience.”

Alan Taylor is the president and CEO of Benchmark Entertainment. The company helped make the D.I.Y. tent possible.

“They look at them and say man, ‘I would love to be able to do that,’” Taylor said. “’I can't afford that car, but if I could just know how to work on it myself,' and that's what this is all about, to show you you can do it. You can have your dream car.”

But it's the expert advice that Grene really likes.

“It seems pretty obvious that somebody [Rich Evans] who has the experience in building, first, and has the patience to teach is a perfect combination,” Grene said.

“I think if someone can walk up here and never put a welder in their hand and I assist with setting them up and let them weld something, they can walk away learning something,” Evans said.

It’s learning something that's actually pretty cool.

“You can come out here and get dirty,” Evans said. “Jump in and be a part of this process because at the end of the day the project is going to be of great quality and you can say, 'I helped on this.'”

“It's one of the best ideas I've come across out here,” Grene said. “I love it.”

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