Brewer gives up medical marijuana fight

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Governor Jan Brewer finally giving in on medical marijuana.  She says the state will no longer fight in federal court.

Friday she ordered Arizona's Department of Health to begin accepting and processing dispensary applications.

A surprise move by Governor Jan Brewer gives the green light for medical marijuana.

In a statement Friday, the Governor say's she's giving up on a federal lawsuit.

"They were using the guise of protecting state employees as a way to delay things," said Medicine Shoppe Pharmacist Greg Rogan.

It was a federal lawsuit aimed at making sure state employees could not be prosecuted by the federal government for implementing the medical marijuana act.

But a judge tossed it out.

"This was a tactic to delay and cause in-necessary suffering," said Jon Gettel.

Jon Gettel with AZ4NORML, relies on medical marijuana to treat his condition.  His message to Governor Brewer, 'About time.'

"It has taken a while, we voted for this in 2010 its time to get this implemented and make sure patients have access to this medicine," said Gettel.

But access won't happen overnight.  The department will start accepting applications again. Dispensaries could be open by this summer. 

The sooner the better say patients.