Will Costa Concordia tragedy turn people off of cruising?

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PHOENIX -- The pictures of the cruise liner Costa Concordia on its side after running aground off the coast of Italy are unforgettable. Many say the deadly accident is reminiscent of the Titanic tragedy.

Eleven people are confirmed dead and dozens more, including two Americans, are still missing.

Days after the ship capsized, some are wondering if the Costa Concoria accident is causing potential cruise passengers to think twice about their vacation plans.

R.J. Watters from Great America Travel sat down with Yetta Gibson to discuss the issue. He said his agency has only received a few calls in connection with the Costa Concordia.

"A lot of our people are avid cruisers or they see that dream destination that something like this isn't going to stop them from taking that trip," Watters said.

According to Watters, most of the calls he's taken have had to do with safety.

'[A ship is] a traveling hotel," he said. "It's one of the safest ways to actually travel to see multiple ports."

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