Tempe man missing after bus trip from Utah

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- Police are asking for the public's help to find a Tempe man who got on a bus in Utah but never arrived home.
Mark Mussack, 41, has been missing for about two weeks.

He was last heard from on New Year's Eve as he passed through Denver on a bus ride home from Vernal, Utah. He had driven a rental truck full of his estranged wife's belongings to her Utah home as he took his 9-year-old son back after a holiday visit.

During the bus ride home, he called his mother in Mesa. She has been very ill and he has been taking care of her. No one has heard from him since.

Those who know and work with Mussack said he is not the kind of person to just take off without letting others know where he is. They are afraid that somewhere along the way he ran in to foul play.

Officers in Vernal, Utah, are conducting an investigation. If you've seen Mussack, call the Vernal Police Department at 435-789-5835 or the Tempe Police Department at 480-350-8311.