Coyotes killing dogs in Scottsdale

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SCOTTSDALE -- People in a Scottsdale neighborhood report a spike in coyote attacks this winter.

"This coyote was just so vicious," said Rebecca Graziano, who watched a coyote attack her 14-year-old Eskimo Spitz, Shasta, who weighed 22 pounds. Graziano's 120-pound yellow lab tried to intervene, but was also bit by the coyote.

"I took her to the vet, but nothing could be done. He told me it was one of the most brutal attacks he's seen," she said.

Graziano walks the wash near 64th Street and Thunderbird Road in Scottsdale, which is a few blocks from her home, and sees coyotes frequently. Even more disturbing is the evidence they leave behind.

"I've found and buried the remains of 15 cats and dogs here in the last month," she said. "So many pet owners have put up missing signs, and too many times I've found what's left of their missing pet over here. The latest dog was a boxer."

Arizona Game and Fish officials say they have not noticed an increase in attacks, but have a few suggestions for concerned pet owners.

Squirt guns full of diluted ammonia, hoses, and air horns act as deterrents. They also recommend keeping dog doors closed in neighborhoods where coyotes roam.