Phoenix man accused of molesting two 10-year-old girls

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man is behind bars for allegedly molesting two 10-year-old girls.

John Bain, 46, is facing charges of sexual assault, molestation of a child, child prostitution and furnishing obscene material to a child.

Phoenix police were first alerted to the situation in November when a girl told detectives that Bain walked into her bedroom, climbed to the upper bunk where she was lying and tried to pull off her shorts and pull up her shirt.

The girl fought him off and he eventually left the room, but not before threatening her and warning her not to tell anybody about that incident. Concerned about Bain's threats, the girl did not immediately report the incident.

According to Officer James Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department, the girl told detectives about a separate incident in which Bain allegedly offered her $15 to take off her clothes and $30 to make out with him. She also said he made her look at pornographic material.

The girl's father got an order of protection against him.

The investigation into Bain and his alleged action continued. In January, detectives talked to the second victim.

This girl told them Bain had once removed his underwear and put his hands under her clothes while the two were lying in bed watching TV. She was 8 at the time. The girl said she left the room.

The girl said a similar incident occurred when she was 9. She also said Bain openly looked at pornographic material when she was around.

Serving a search warrant on Bain's home, officers discovered "pornographic materials consistent with the two victim’s descriptions" in the bedroom.

Bain was arrested and booked into Maricopa County Jail.

Holmes said detectives still have quite a bit of evidence to sift through so the investigation is far from complete.