Pro Squash Tour comes to Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- It might look like racquetball or handball, but squash is a racquet sport all its own with a history dating back to the 12th century, and it has come to Phoenix this weekend for a championship pro tournament.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee and in contention to become a medal sport in the Games, squash is a high-speed sport that pits player against player or pair against pair in the case of doubles.

It's played in enclosed court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The rules of squash -- where and when the ball can hit and how it must bounce -- are quite specific.

Every rally ends in a point no matter which player served. The player who wins the point also wins the next serve. Scoring goes up to 11, but players have have to win by two points. Pros play the best of five games.

Pro Squash Tournament players Leroy Leong of Malaysia and Nathan Ticho of the U.S. stopped by 3TV to chat with Scott Pasmore about the Phoenix Open tournament and show him the basics of how the game is played.

In addition to Leong and Ticho, Phoenix residents Gilberto Villanes and Peter Schultheiss, both of whom received tournament wildcard spots, are part of the field.

The Pro Squash Tour will be at Foley Squash in Phoenix, Jan. 12-15. The opening rounds are Thursday, followed by the quarter-finals on Friday, the semi-finals on Saturday and the third-place and championship games on Sunday.

This weekend's Phoenix Open is presented by Foley Squash Shop.

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