BofA paints over angry customer's message

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PHOENIX -- Camera crews were there as painters came onto a Phoenix man's property to paint over the graffiti he'd put on his garage. It said "B of A stole my home." Or at least it used to. And you may be shocked to find out who hired the painters.

Jonathan Bengel wanted to shout his message from the rooftops. Instead, he spray-painted it on his garage.

Bengel says this came at the end of a three-year back-and-forth battle with Bank of America. He says Bank of America representatives told him in order to qualify for a loan modification, he should stop mortgage payments for three months and then call them back.

He says he did that, but paperwork problems at the bank kept the modification from happening. He says he still made his monthly payments, but eventually the bank sent him the foreclosure notice.

When we contacted  Bank of America, staff told us the home foreclosure wasn't complete. But that doesn't jibe with the work order we found for the painters, showing Bank of America itself paid rush order to cover up Bengal's words -- ASAP.

Bengal says he's living somewhere else now. When the graffiti was still up, people who live on the block expressed their frustration at having this blighted property in their neighborhood. Thanks of Bank of America, the paint is no longer a problem.