Drop pounds jumping on the trampoline

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PHOENIX -- A Valley ladies' boot camp has decided to step things up for the new year.  They've added a new weapon into the mix that will for sure jump start any new weight-loss plan, and it's appealing to a variety of women.

“I’m not very self-motivated, let's put it that way,” Sarah Szanto said.

“I had a kid and got out of the whole exercise and wasn't happy with how I looked,”  Molly McDaniel-Rentschler said.

Things are now very different for both women.

These two Valley moms have been getting results with the Body Back Boot Camp. Szanto lost 20 pounds and McDaniel-Rentschler shed 40.

“It's a high-intensity boot camp where we will utilize the space we have in there,” Suzy Stenehjem explained. “So, whether it's the trampoline, floor, wall, the stairs that go up to the trampoline.”

Stenehjem said she's changing up her boot camp by adding in a trampoline workout at AZ Airtime in Scottsdale.
“It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be,” McDaniel-Rentschler said. “We've been finished with class for at least 15 minutes now. So, your body is still working burning the calories after the class which is nice.”

“Results have been done that exercising on a trampoline provides more benefits for your joints and more calorie burning then typically jogging outside,” Stenehjem said.

Stenehjem said the key to losing weight is not only exercising, but eating right. This is how she helps her clients lose up to two pounds a week.

“I always tell women who just had a baby; it took you nine months to get there, it’s going to take you nine months to maybe get back to that point or longer,” Stenehjem said.

Those who are worried they've been a couch potato for too long have nothing to worry about.

“She actually really helps you set your own goals and you go at your own pace,” Szanto said. “You eventually find yourself getting stronger and working up towards hanging with everyone else.”

The Body Back boot camp kicks off an eight week session at AZ Air Time next month.