Salpointe prays over losses

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Salpointe Catholic High School students came back for the first school day of the new year.

The day began for students and staff with a prayer for the victims of January 8 2011 and a student killed just 8 days ago.

"There are three things in the end that last faith, hope and love," said Fr. John Malley of Salpointe Catholic High School while addressing the student body.

On January 8 2011, the Salpointe community lost an Alumnus and others who had a connection to the school were injured.

"Salpointe was particularly touched by the tragedy, Judge John Roll is an Alumni class of '65," said Interim President of Salpointe Catholic High School Kay Sullivan.

Judge Roll was one of six people killed on that day a year ago.  Monday morning more than 1100 students and over 150 staff and faculty formed a prayer circle on the track.

"The circle really symbolizes what we are as a school, and that is one, that we are one, the concept of unity," Sullivan said.

A second tragedy hit the school more recently.  Senior Carlos Sandoval was killed on New Year's Eve. 

According to the Pima County Sheriff's Department it was the result of a drug deal that went bad.

"It's a solemn feeling. I mean today is definitely hard because its apparent that Carlos isn't here and everyone notices it," said Sullivan.

Sandoval played baseball for the Lancers and was expected to graduate in May.

His fellow students are now left with just memories.

"Carlos, he was a character.  He was really good about laughing at himself which made everyone else remember that they can laugh at themselves and not take it so seriously," said Salpointe Catholic High School Senior Carly Cutshaw.

The seriousness of the two tragedies could make for a lasting impact on these students.

"This is the first for many of them in terms of a tragedy that marks their lives forever," said Sullivan.