The $60 Sandwich

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This enormous sandwich is designed to share (will easily feed 4-6 people), or a fun challenge for the individual! 

-Two pounds of 21-day Dry Aged USDA Prime ribeye,
-Season it with T.Cook’s signature spice rub and slow roast it in the oven. 
-Once it is cooled, thinly slice it and then heat it up with a little veal demi on the flat top.
-Cut an entire loaf of Ciabatta in half and grill it. 
- Spread the grilled bread with a fresh horseradish-Eurocreme spread. 
-Raw spinach is placed at the bottom with the beef going on top to semi-wilt the spinach. 

Top beef with tempura fried onions and sliced vine-ripened tomatoes.
This sandwich is served with a side of au jus sauce for dipping.