12 Ways to be a better person

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PHOENIX -- Life coach Larry Winget, aka "The Pitbull of Personal Development," calls 'em like he sees 'em, and he has no use for New Year's resolutions, going so far as to call them "a load of crap."

While he's not a fan of easily abandoned resolutions, Winget absolutely believes people need to have goals -- achievable ones.

He laid it all out for 3TV's Scott Pasmore, explaining where you should be expending your energy today and every day.

"Everything in your life gets better when you get better," Winget explained. "You ought to be focused on being a better person. It's really not that tough."

Without further ado, here is Winget's list of 12 ways to be a better person.

1. Don't complain and never whine. Nobody wants to hear it.
2. Keep learning.
3. Be authentic. Keeping up a façade is exhausting.
4. Laugh more.
5. Be courteous.
6. Exercise and eat right.
7. Be charitable.
8. Stay busy.
9. Live a life based on honesty and integrity.
10. Be reliable, flexible, punctual, available and decisive.
11. Stand for something.
12. Be nice. Yes, it really is that easy.

These 12 tips are based on an excerpt from the New York Times Bestseller, "People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It" ("The Idiot Factor" in paperback).

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